Tip: Power Walking for Lifters

This ain't your momma's power walk. Strengthen your posterior chain and get shredded fast with this training method.

Power walking with a weighted sled should be a staple in your programming. Regardless of your goals, sled pulls will improve your strength and aerobic/anaerobic capabilities. It's also great for restoration. And the extra work for the posterior chain will help to improve body composition.

The Challenge

In this challenge we'll be adding sled work twice a week with a third optional day. One day will be for general strengthening purposes and the second will be done for strength-endurance. A third day can be added for restoration, but that's totally up to you. Here's the plan:

Day 1: Strength Work

8-10 sets of 60 yards. Rest 60 seconds been rounds.

For most lifters, pulling your bodyweight is about right. That includes the weights on the sled and the weight of the sled itself. But remember, the weight you choose should allow you to be a forceful as possible from set 1 to set 10, so adjust as needed.

Day 2: Strength-Endurance Work

16-20 sets of 60 yards. Rest 60 seconds between rounds.

Use about three-fourths of your bodyweight or three-fourths of Monday's weight.

Day 3: Restoration (Optional)

400 meters with half of your bodyweight at the beginning of your regular workout plus 400 meters at the end.

Remember to be forceful on each step with a heel-toe action. If you're being forceful, the sled will jerk from side to side.

These sessions should occur with 48 hours of separation between each. This is work that can be included in your current program in an alternate session and won't take longer than 20 minutes. Give this a try for four weeks and you'll be amazed by the results.