Tip: Partner-Assisted Dumbbell Flye

The flye is tough at the bottom of the movement but easier at the top. To match the strength curve and build more muscle, add manual resistance at the top.

Because of the strength curve of the flye, the resistance is heaviest in the bottom position. With every degree your arms move up, the lever arm gets shorter and the exercise feels easier. At the top, not much tension is placed on the chest. This is suboptimal.

To get more from this exercise, use a training partner. Have him place some manual resistance against your arms starting at about the middle of the lift. You'll get a full-range challenge on every single rep and trigger more muscle growth.

Tom MacCormick is a former skinny kid who was told he was too small to make it as a rugby player. Since then, he has added over 40 pounds to his frame and helped hundreds of clients build muscle and burn fat. Follow on Instagram