Tip: One Exercise for Bigger Shoulders & Pecs

Here's an easy way to build your delts and your chest. Bonus: It's great for working around banged-up shoulders.


If your shoulders are getting cranky after years of overhead pressing and flat benching, try this:

Two-Handed Landmine Press

Secure one end of a barbell in a corner or on a landmine base. This version allows heavily loaded progressive shoulder training and doubles as a chest training tool.

  1. Grasp the bar symmetrically with both hands.
  2. Press your palms together and the weight upward, engaging your shoulders, triceps, and chest.
  3. Allow your shoulder blades to move with the press, upwardly rotating at the top of your press, then draw them down and together at the bottom. Your elbows may want to flare through the negative, so focus on keeping them tucked to your body as you pull your shoulder blades down.
  4. Flex your abs to prevent excess arching through the press. Arching means poor core control as you attempt to use a chest-dominant pressing angle.
Andrew Coates is a trainer who is focused on strength development for everyday people and young athletes. He’s a fitness writer, speaker, and host of The Lift Free and Diet Hard Podcast.

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