Tip: One-Arm Cable Row

Supplement your barbell and dumbbell rows with this great back training variation that also hits the core and even the glutes.

Based on work by Fenwick, et al (2009) out of Dr. Stuart McGill's lab, two of the best variations for developing the lats are the inverted row and the one-arm cable row (shown here), and not the bentover row.

This may be because the bentover position requires more bracing for the lumbar spine, or the other two variations used hard co-contractions from the glutes to help pull the lats along for the ride. Lastly, it could also be due to the direction of force, as the bentover row would require more from the upper traps to pull instead of the lats.

So add this vertical one-arm row variation to your arsenal. It's great for variety, and it'll also stimulate new muscle growth.