Tip: Neural Charge Barbell Exercises

Due to its unique explosive loading methods, Neural Charge Training impacts all levels of neuromuscular function. Here's are 6 examples using a bar.

Explosive Neural Charge Training impacts all levels of neuromuscular function, including neurotransmitter uptake and release, excitation-contraction coupling, and motor-unit recruitment. It also stimulates the body's natural release of anabolic hormones.

The combined effects of this supra-physiologic state stimulates catecholamine release and lowers the insulin-to-glucagon ratio, along with increasing the production of cyclic AMP, which in turn helps activate the three lipolytic (fat burning) enzymes.

Finally, Neural Charge Training increases insulin sensitivity, thereby enhancing the signaling between the fat cells, the brain, the liver, and the active muscle tissues. The end result is maximized muscle-protein anabolism, while simultaneously promoting fat-loss.

Here's the exercise breakdown of the video:

  1. Push Press (06s)
  2. Snatch Jump (1m 24s)
  3. Clean Jump (3m 15s)
  4. Snatch High Pull (3m 49s)
  5. Clean High Pull (4m 40s)
  6. Speed Squat (5m 36s)
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