Tip: Multi-Contraction Drop Set

Turn on the pecs with this drop set to make subsequent pump work more effective.

A multi-contraction drop set requires some specific equipment: light resistance bands and Mark Bell's slingshot. I find this to be the best option but I'll provide other ones for those who don't have these tools.

First do 5 reps with added band resistance. Then remove the bands and immediately do 5 more reps. Then put on the Slingshot and pump out as many reps as you can. Do 3 sets.

If you don't have access to a Slingshot and bands here are two options you can use:

Option 1

Five reps bench press, then as many top-half bench press reps as possible (going down until elbows are just above 90 degrees). Then hold the top position, squeezing the pecs for 15-30 seconds.

Option 2

  • 5 reps: Bench press, close-grip
  • 5 reps: Bench, mid-grip
  • 5 reps: Bench, wide-grip

Take 10 seconds between each step.

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