Tip: Movement Prep for Olympic Lifting

After your mobility and stability work, use these drills to improve your Olympic lifting technique.

The final piece of the warm-up puzzle (after mobility and stability work) is to start performing the movements at a lower intensity. Like a baseball pitcher, this is your "bullpen" session before hitting the mound.

The movement prep phase will advance in both range of motion and technical difficulty by starting from an easy short range of motion and progressing to a full lift. This allows you to practice every piece of the Olympic lift.

  1. Muscle Snatch from Hip: Practice the pull and turnover of the lift, keep the bar close throughout, and turn the hands over at the top.
  2. Power Snatch with 2 Halts: Now we'll start grooving a good bar path. Move the bar in towards you as pull off the ground, and keep pulling into you as you pass the knee. Finish with an aggressive pull.
  3. Second Pull Snatch: Move slowly through the pull until the bar reaches the mid-thigh, and then practice jumping under the bar with great speed.