Tip: Modify the Pullover for More Hypertrophy

The dumbbell pullover is a classic bodybuilding exercise for the lats. But here's how to take it up a notch for even better results.

Performing a pullover with a cable allows you to place the lats under continuous tension throughout the full range of motion, triggering more muscle growth. I also add a stability ball to the mix because it allows me to position my body in a way that gives me a greater stretch.

Don't do this exercise first on back. Do it after you've got a pump going. Stretching a fully-pumped muscle is a great mechanism for growth.

Use controlled reps. You don't have to count out the tempo, but note in the video that every rep takes a few seconds: a couple of seconds on the lifting or concentric phase, and a couple of seconds on the negative or eccentric phase. Really focus on your lats doing the work and build your mind-muscle connection.

Mark Dugdale is an IFBB pro bodybuilder and Mr. Olympia competitor. Mark has 22 years of experience on stage and a passion for brutal workouts. He has also produced five documentaries, participated in seminars with prison inmates, and was granted one of the last recorded interviews with Joe Weider. Follow Mark Dugdale on Twitter