Tip: Master the Landmine Press

Stimulate new strength and muscle gains with the angled barbell press. Here's how to do it.

Apply these general technique guidelines to help you get the most out of each rep:

  • At the bottom of each rep, keep your arm fairly close to your torso and your elbow directly behind the center of the bar. Your forearm should form a 90-degree angle with the barbell.
  • Don't press the bar toward the midline of your body; keep it in line with your same-side shoulder as you press it up and out. The closer you get to the midline of your body when pressing with a single arm, the closer you get to losing control of the bar.
  • Keep your wrist straight throughout this exercise, with the center of the barbell in-line with the center of the arch between your thumb and forefinger.
  • Keep your torso position strong and stable throughout. Avoid leaning forward more than a few degrees. Leaning too far forward into the bar turns this exercise into an overhead press instead of creating the unique angled pressing action we're after.