Tip: Master the Horizontal Row

This is sometimes called the fat-man pull-up, but it's a great back builder for everyone. Here's how to do it

This is a great bodyweight exercise for back development. It's good for beginners to build strength, but it's also a good move for experienced lifters. Many like to add this to the end of their back workout as a finisher or include it as part of a superset or giant set.

  • Use either a bar in a power rack or a smith machine.
  • You can use a pronated or supinated hand position.
  • Pull yourself up the bar and hold at the top for a second.
  • Keep a slight bend in the elbows in the bottom position.
  • Too easy? Add a weight vest.
  • You adjust your bodyweight by keeping your body straight or by bending the knees to make it easier.
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