Tip: Master the Hip Clean

Here's a great movement for the beginner Olympic lifter or for anyone who wants to build some impressive traps.

If you're starting to get into Olympic lifting, or just want to build awesome traps, one of the most important movements to master is the hip clean.

When people try to learn a clean from the floor too soon it generally results in technique breakdown in the rest of the lift. They will miss making contact with the bar.

The hip position (the power position) is just a small dip into the hips, back straight, knees slightly bent, and weight in the heels. From there it's an aggressive shrug and hip drive to get the bar to stay in place as you drop underneath into a full front squat position.

It's a fantastic drill to teach strength and confidence with making contact with the bar. It also helps you learn how to not pull the bar too high up with your arms (power clean). With this movement, the lower you can catch in an active position the better your overall lift will be.

  1. Deadlift the bar up to a standing position.
  2. With a small dip into your hips, allow your knees to come slightly forward. Your bar should be touching you at the hip or thigh depending on your arm length.
  3. With an aggressive pop, drive your feet into the floor and extend your hips.
  4. The second your hips have extended, pull yourself UNDER the barbell. Don't pull the barbell upwards.
  5. You should land in a front squat position with the chest up and elbows high.
  6. Stand up to complete the lift.

This movement is a phenomenal warm-up for your lifting sessions. It's also something I'd recommend to add into your programs. Go heavy to develop speed and power.

Tom Morrison is a British weightlifting coach, martial artist, and CrossFit trainer and competitor. Tom works with athletes on prerequisite movement capabilities for optimal strength, performance, and reduced risk of injury.  Follow Tom Morrison on Facebook