Tip: Master the Classic Jefferson Deadlift

Looks weird, but it'll nail your inner thighs and posterior chain. Check out the video here.


Jefferson deadlifts are an old classic. The straddle position, when picking up the bar, is an honest way to attack the inner thighs and posterior chain.

I like these a bit more than sumo deadlifts because, beyond emphasizing one leg at a time, they also allow a slightly more natural hip position since one foot gets to be angled slightly forward.

This is great for people whose hips are constructed so that their acetabulae (hip sockets) are positioned more toward the front of their pelvis than the sides. Forcing the legs to be completely externally rotated and held out wide – as you do in a sumo deadlift – may be the equivalent of fitting a square peg into a round hole if you don't have the body type that accommodates that position. Changing to a Jefferson stance could be just what the hips were asking for.

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