Tip: Master the Chin-Up Shrug

Build your traps and upper back with bodyweight. Here's how.

Most people perform chin-ups without first getting into a stable shoulder position. This can reduce the efficiency of the exercise. You need to create a stable base, which requires a conscious muscle contraction.

  1. Take an overhand or parallel grip on a chin-up bar.
  2. From there, lean back, raise your chest using the thoracic spine as a fulcrum, and pull the shoulder blades down and back.

It helps to try to "break" the bar apart. This exercise also works tremendously well to correct trouble with arching during the bench press.

Eirik Sandvik is an innovative athletic-performance specialist. His profound experience with injuries fuels his passion for finding the best strategies and solutions for overcoming setbacks. Eirik works with elite athletes in a variety of sports, from MMA to Figure fitness.    Follow on Instagram