Tip: Make the Pull-Through a Better Butt Builder

The pull-through is a great exercise for building glutes, but here are two ways to make it even better.

The cable pull-through is one of the best exercises for learning and mastering hip hinge mechanics. The load vectors match the anatomical function of how the glutes activate.

Two modifications can make the pull-through even more effective:

  1. Instead of placing the cable pulley at the lowest notch, try elevating the setting to approximately a foot above the ground. Elevating the setting so that the cable is about parallel to the floor eliminates vertical forces and emphasizes horizontal loading vectors, all of which further exaggerates hip and glute activity.
  2. Because the pull-through is so effective at teaching good hip hinge mechanics, adding an eccentric isometric at the bottom, as well as an additional pause in the top, will do wonders for reinforcing ideal hip flexion and hip extension mechanics.