Tip: Load, Explode, Pulse, and Hold

Ramp up your conditioning fast. Pair this training method with simple exercises you can do anywhere.


Interested in adding extra conditioning to your training? You're going to want to give this a try.

The circuits are a mixture of four variations of the same exercise with minimal rest between each. You'll be varying load, speed, and range of motion. Here's how it looks with a push-up:

  1. Load: Decide if you want to go for reps (10-12 reps) or time (20-30 seconds). Start out with a loaded/weighted exercise. For the push-up, you'll wear a weighted vest or use a backpack.
  2. Explode: Once the time or reps are complete, drop the load and move on to the explode portion. Get some air on whatever exercise you were just doing. With the push-up, you'll use the plyo variation.
  3. Pulse: Cut out the top half of the range of motion and keep your muscle under constant tension. (If you want to make this more challenging, pick the load back up.) For the push-up, you'll just do the bottom half of the movement and "pulse out" reps.
  4. Hold: Hold the exercise in the most challenging position, like the bottom position of a push-up. The hold portion is always for time: 10 seconds.

Here are two more examples: