Tip: Lateral Band Walk (Band Around Feet)

For more gluteal activation, place the band around the feet.

There are several variations of lateral walks, like placing a band around the knees or ankles. However, researchers found that by placing the band around the forefeet, gluteal activation was higher compared to placing the band around the ankles or knees. This is because in addition to resisting adduction, your feet will have to resist inward rotation.

  1. Start by placing a short band around your forefeet (balls of your feet) and taking a hip-width stance.
  2. Slightly bend at the knees and hinge at the hips until your torso is about 30 to 45 degrees.
  3. Begin taking side steps that are a few inches wide while keeping the feet forward and resisting knee collapse.
  4. Start with 10 steps in each direction for 2-3 sets.
Dan Chavez is a highly sought after strength and nutrition coach, based out of Texas. He is the founder of DC Training Systems and DC Nutrition Systems, collectively known as The DC System. Follow Dan Chavez on Facebook