Tip: Lat Width – The Hard Way

Build a brutal back with this lat-widening finisher.


If you're after more lat width, this finisher is a monster. Now, it's not meant to replace heavier, progressive-overload back work. Instead, think of it as metabolic-stress work, which should come at the end of a workout and only be done for a single set. Don't abuse it; just do it every other week or so.

The Rack Pull-Up Marathon

This finisher uses the rack pull-up as the foundation and then manipulates leverage and body position to create a nasty mechanical drop set.

Set up a bar in a Smith machine or rack at upper-chest height. Set an incline bench out in front of you to prop up your straight legs. When you're at the top of the pull-up, your thighs should be as close to parallel to the floor as possible.

Now do this:

  • Rack Pull-Ups: max reps
  • Modified Behind-The-Neck Rack Pull-Ups: max reps
  • Modified Rack Pull-Ups: max reps
  • Feet-Elevated Scap Depressions: max reps

Use straps. Don't rest between any of the above exercises, outside of what it takes to transition. On the second and third exercises, use as little lower-body assistance as necessary to complete the reps.