Tip: Landmine Rotational Press

Try this to improve lower body explosiveness, core stability, and upper body strength.

Rotation is a fundamental part of everyday movement. The great part about rotation training is it can be done local to a joint or widespread throughout the body, integrating multiple systems to accomplish a single task. That is a level of badassery we're looking for here. As a bonus, power movements are a great method to maintain the body's capability to go full throttle.

A landmine-style device that holds a barbell to the ground is ideal to help develop rotational power, specifically with a move such as the rotational press. (If you don't have a device like that, you can just set up a barbell in a corner against a towel.) It's an excellent move to develop coordination and power from the ground through the upper body.

Starting from a bilateral stance, feet shoulder-width apart in an athletic position, hold the bar in your hand closest to the base. Exploding the hips turning towards the bar, transition hands and press the bar in front of you.

This is great for lower body explosion, core stability, and upper body strength. Try 3 sets of 10 reps on each side. And remember, this exercise is made for rotational development, so there's no need to see how many plates you can stack onto a bar.

David Otey is a strength and conditioning specialist based out of New York City. David has been featured in several major fitness publications on the topics of strength and conditioning. Follow David Otey on Instagram