Tip: Ladies, Stop Being Scale-Obsessed

The scale is just one tool for evaluating your progress, and not even a good one. Here's what you need to know.

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Ditch the Scale Obsession

The scale is the driving force behind women choosing the wrong diets, training plans, too much cardio, and basically doing everything backwards in regards to recreating their body into what they ultimately visualize for themselves.

When I get feedback from male clients, the first thing they talk about is how loose their pants are fitting, or how they now see a bicep vein. With women, the first piece of feedback I get is, "Weight hasn't changed. Feeling discouraged." Never mind that in that amount of time they may have gone down two dress sizes!

Women who lift need to understand all the pieces of feedback that confirm fat loss or muscle gain is happening, and that the scale is a tool that can't tell them if they lost or gained fat or muscle.

Because men are more visually wired than women, they usually don't care about the scale as much, so long as they can look in the mirror and see changes. Too many women turn a blind eye to improvements in body composition because they're more interested in the arbitrary number on the scale.

Do This Instead

You can use the scale, but break out a tape measure too. Write down all the pants or dress sizes you want. Get your body fat tested properly. Take all of these things into account to track progress, rather than putting all of your "making progress" eggs into one basket.