Tip: Know Thyself. Experiment with Programming

Find your best training strategy. Four methods every lifter needs to try. Check 'em out.

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Different training strategies maximize unique variables. Here are four popular methods:

  1. High Volume Training (HVT) maximizes volume per body part and is generally centered on body-part split training.
  2. High Frequency Training (HFT) maximizes frequency per exercise or body part. It's generally centered on full-body training.
  3. High Intensity Training (HIT) maximizes effort and usually involves performing one set to failure via full body training.
  4. Escalating Density Training (EDT) maximizes density and generally involves upper/lower splits.

Give each of these systems a go at some point in time. You'll learn from each system and incorporate aspects of each into your training over the years.

The best progress is made when the various styles are blended together in training. For example, if you've been doing HVT for several years, a three-month stint of HIT will be very beneficial for you. If you've never done HFT, you have some unclaimed gains waiting for you.

Routines to Experiment With

  • Body-part split routines contain high volume with natural fluctuations in CNS demand throughout the week. For example, leg day is brutal, but shoulder day is a walk in the park.
  • Total body training allows for more practice per lift and higher metabolic demand.
  • Push-pull and upper-lower splits are beneficial for strength athletes.

You'll never figure out which style works best for you if you don't give each of them an honest try.

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