Tip: Kettlebell Swings With Band

Compared to Olympic lifts for training explosive qualities, the swing is easier to learn with lower risk. Adding a band makes it even more explosive.

Main Benefit – Hip Power

The band helps with pulling the kettlebell towards you, an element many overlook or forget while doing the exercise. Try to minimize "downtime" and make the kettlebell move fast in both directions. This will make the movement far more explosive, as a faster decent/eccentric will increase the potential for a faster and more explosive concentric, power-generating phase.

Technical Focal Points

  • Limit the forward knee movement and focus on the hip movement.
  • Pull the kettlebell towards you and push the hips back.
  • From the bottom or stretched position, initiate the forward movement with a powerful hip and glute contraction that's synchronized with quad contraction.
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