Tip: Is Dry Needling Right for You?

Treat muscle pain and restore movement with this method. Don't like needles? Don't watch this video!

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Dry needling is a general term for therapeutic treatment involving multiple advances of a filament needle, which goes into a muscle producing pain and typically containing a trigger point.

Functional Dry Needling

Dry needling is one of the most progressive types of physical therapy treatment methods in the industry today. Nearly every state board allows physical therapists to practice dry needling in the evaluation, assessment, and treatment of patients with neuromusculoskeletal dysfunction or pain.

Movement experts now have access to another tool in the toolbox that'll help clients recover. Is dry needling the be-all end-all of physical therapy? No, but giving experts another way to help people isn't a bad thing.

Disclaimer: The video is for demonstration purposes only. If you don't have a license to practice this technique, well, don't. Go see an expert!