Tip: Inverted Row Modification

This variation places better emphasis on the lats.

Blow up your lats with this simple modification:

  1. Start by hanging directly under the bar with your hips up and feet tucked under your hamstrings.
  2. As you begin to row, push away with your feet while keeping your hips up, aiming for the bar to touch your belly button.

This alters the bar path, placing more emphasis on the lats, and less on the middle traps and rhomboids.

Kurt Weber, MS, CSCS, PN-1, is a former Division-I strength and conditioning coach and Track and Field All-American. He now specializes in performance enhancement for the lifestyle athlete at a private gym in Newport Beach, CA. Kurt is also the creator of The Alpha Plan program, designed for high-stress, busy, and frequent travelers. Follow Kurt Weber on Facebook