Tip: Increase Your Muscle Density

Use this twist on the drop set method to build thick muscle that's as strong as it looks.

Power drop sets were a favorite of the first ever Mr. Olympia, Larry Scott. He was a firm believer that the fastest track to massive muscle was lifting heavy weight with few reps, every time.

Larry Scott
Larry Scott

This method won't give you as much of a pump as traditional, higher-rep drop sets, however, it'll encourage strength gains while improving muscle density.

How to Do It

Only decrease the weight after your final working set by about 10%. Because the weights will be heavier, keep a spotter nearby.

Example: Complete your final rep using 325 pounds on the bench press, then...

  • Power Drop Set 1: A set of 295 pounds (rounded up) x failure
  • Power Drop Set 2: A set of 265 pounds (rounded down) x failure
  • Power Drop Set 3: A set of 240 pounds (rounded up) x failure
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