Tip: How to Lunge for Big Quads & Glutes

Some trainers call this bad form. Then again, some trainers are kinda dumb. Check it out.

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1 – Lean Forward

Most people think a lunge is an upright movement with the torso perpendicular to the ground throughout. But that's flawed mechanics. Maintaining a forward torso lean onto the heel of the front leg is essential.

The forward lean ensures the hips are pushed back posteriorly and actively engaged throughout the exercise. A good lunge involves solid hip hinge mechanics. An upright torso places greater stress on the knees and low back while minimizing stress to the glutes and upper thighs ­– not what you want.

2 – Move Straight Up and Down

When doing a stationary lunge, the torso should move straight up and down while keeping the forward lean. Any horizontal displacement of the torso indicates faulty hip mechanics and lack of spinal rigidity.