Tip: How to Look Good for the Ladies

You really want to know? Paul Carter has some life advice for you, and also some bodybuilding advice.

How to Look Good for the Ladies

"I want to look good for the ladies. What do you suggest?"

I suggest you cultivate your life in a way that helps you to exude confidence and charisma. Feeling good about how you look can help that, but it's not a be-all end-all solution.

There's an awful lot of insecure people walking around with million dollar bodies. And that's often because people with deep-seated insecurities believe fixing how they look will also fix the internal problems they struggle with each day.

Learn how to dress like a grown man instead of wearing 5XL T-shirts out to the club when you should wear a medium. Don't wear a medium when you're a true 5XL guy.

Have a sense of ambition and a vision for what you want to accomplish professionally and personally. Learn to smile. Your male resting bitch face is cool in the gym, but she thinks you're about to club her over the head and throw her into your trunk.

Plenty of men have found their way into a gym because they believed the acquisition of more muscle would help them to secure a beautiful female. Women like muscles, right? Well, yes and no.

If you take some time to scour the internet and look at studies done on the physical characteristics that women are most attracted to, you might be shocked to find out that the majority of women aren't getting all hot and bothered by overly-muscled physiques.

Even Frank Zane type physiques take last in a line up of far less muscled physiques when it comes to sex appeal. If your argument is that overly muscled guys are getting all the action at fitness expos I'd advise you to get out of the house once in a while. Grasp the very difficult idea that there are women existing outside of fitness. I know, it's crazy, but it's true. If you drop the name Jay Cutler around a female, she's more likely think you're talking about the quarterback, not the bodybuilder.

There's good news, however. Achieving a body that's highly desirable to most women doesn't require an insane amount of muscle mass, and can be achieved in short order, if you prioritize the right areas, namely: shoulders, lat width, and abs – especially the Adonis belt. Basically, improving your V-taper.

What can you do? You know revealing your abs comes with fat loss. So get your diet in order. Though she isn't going to see your abs until you take your clothes off. So, how should you train to be in a position where she desires your clothes off? Choose one of the hundreds of workout plans you can find for free on this website.

Then combine it with the following:

Get a chin-up bar and install it somewhere in your house. Do a set number of chin-ups every day. If you're a fat or weak noob, and can't do a single chin-up, that's okay. Start at the top and do negatives regularly until you can do a single.

Once you can do a single, start doing as many singles a day until you can do a double. Then do as many doubles as you can every day. Then triples. Once you can do a set of 5, do 50 total reps a day minimum.

If you're capable of doing 5 chin-ups right out of the gate, do 50 a day. You can do more if you like. Do these in addition to whatever you're doing for back work in the gym.

Get some light dumbbells for your home. Ten or 15 pounds will work, most likely. Do 100 lateral raises every day. Do them while watching a TV show. Try them between the sets of chins. Just get 100 in. Do this in addition to what you're doing for shoulders in the gym.

All of this extra work will help to create that little bit of extra energy deficit as well. So if your diet is in order, and you're weight training three times a week and sprinkling in a dash of cardio a few times a week, you'll find that this combo helps to get you sculpted quickly.

If a woman tells you she prefers a man built more like Ronnie Coleman, then that's okay. What I've found in that case is that she too is built like Ronnie Coleman.