Tip: How to Get Results with Chest Machines

Sure, free weights are usually better, but if your goal is big pecs then this machine technique can beat the barbell.

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Overloading the eccentric or negative phase of your lifts can ramp up protein synthesis and trigger muscle growth. When you accentuate the negative phase with extra weight, you’ll recruit more motor units, cause a greater release of IGF-1, and even increase strength. Here’s how to do it for chest.

Accentuated Eccentric Machine Press

These double the resistance on each arm during the negative. Perform a press with both hands on the lifting phase. Then remove one hand and lower the weight under control. Alternate hands for 3 sets of 6 reps per hand.

This technique increases time under tension, which will lead to muscular and metabolic damage triggering more growth. As a side benefit, your core fires double time to prevent you from sliding sideways.