Tip: How to Build Athletic Core Strength

Fill in the strength gaps left by traditional core exercises with these two rotational moves.

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Two-Point Cable Rotation

This exercise, which involves two positions that can be done as a superset or separately, fills in the gaps in rotational ranges of motion left by other rotational exercises.

1 – Tight Cable Chop – Facing Cable

Stand facing the cable, grabbing the handle first with your right hand, then place your left hand overtop your right. Rotate your torso to the right while pivoting on the ball of your left foot.

2 – Tight Cable Chop – Facing Away

To maximally load the muscles that create right-side torso rotation in the lengthened range, stand facing away from the cable so it’s roughly behind your left shoulder.

Hold the cable handle in the same manner as described above while pivoting on the ball of your right foot. Rotate your torso to the right until the cable touches your left arm.