Tip: Hip Thrust With Band

For the hip thrust, focus more on mind-muscle connection than the amount of weight you use. Add a band for accommodating resistance.

Main Benefit – Glute Development

Can you get the same results from doing hip thrusts as you can with the deadlift? Well, if your main goal is to hit the glutes, the hip thrust is actually a better choice. It might also be a better choice if your main goal is to develop isolated hip power for kicking or combat sports.

Many train this exercise really heavy, but it's better to train this isolated movement with light to moderate resistance, preferably with bands as well, since they allow you to more fully contract the glutes in the top position where it really counts.

Besides, heavy hip thrusting just doesn't promote long-term health and performance. I've used a decent amount of weight on glute bridges myself but I can now admit that it was an ego thing. I gained nothing from performing it heavy. Muscle contraction develops the glutes far more than the total amount of weight you use.

Technical Focal Points

  • Finish with a strong glute contraction. This is far more important than bridging "high" which often leads to back hyperextension more than anything else.
  • Be more focused on mind-muscle connection than the amount of weight you use.
  • Do one-and-a-half reps. They allow you to spend more time in the contracted position that stimulates the most muscle growth.
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