Tip: Hex Bar Exercises – Beyond The Deadlift

If you're only using a trap bar for deadlifts, you're missing out. Load it up and add it to any of your workouts with these moves.


The hex or trap bar is a must-have for any weight room. If you're using it for deadlifts, that's a great start. But don't stop there.

The deadlift isn't the only movement where being inside of the bar is advantageous. Whether due to injury or lack of technical proficiency, movements such as RDLs, shrugs, and bent-over rows work great on a hex bar.

Being inside of the bar allows for a smoother hinging pattern. Also, using the bar for farmer's carries is a no-brainer if you don't own a pair of specialty bars.

Romanian Deadlift

Bent Row

Farmer's Carry

The standard double-leg, trap bar deadlift can be modified very easily. Single-leg training is an important part of having a well-developed and strong lower body. Try these:

Split Squat

Bulgarian Split Squat

Split Stance Deadlift

If you're trying to add the Olympic lifts into your workouts, but aren't as skilled with them as you'd like, then the hex bar is great.

Power shrugs from the hang position and the floor will help build the pulling power to develop a great barbell clean. And just performing basic jumps with the hex bar will give you an additional boost to your lower-body power. Try these:

Shrug From the Hang

Shrug From the Floor

Hex Bar Jump

I get it. You like the standard deadlift. We all do. (Well, most of us.) But there are massive benefits to switching it up on occasion and using a trap bar for deadlifts.

For one, it causes you to use a more upright torso. This is an advantageous position for a lot of lifters. Altering the placement of the load like this is less stressful on the lower back, hips, and hamstrings, making it a great alternative for taller lifters.

It's also harder to mess up, which makes it a great option for beginners. And don't worry, it'll still build your legs and posterior chain.

Brandon Holder, CSCS, is a strength and conditioning coach and the Director of Performance at FASST Sports Performance in Winchester, VA. Follow on Instagram