Tip: Goblet and Hack Squat Superset

For quad size, do 6 rounds of narrow goblet squats followed by continuous tension hack squats. Rest only 60 seconds between rounds.

The key on the goblet squats is to elevate your heels and use a narrow stance to emphasize the quads. On the hack squats, do the opposite: use a high and wide stance. Don't come up all the way to ensure continuous tension. The weight is light but you'll do 6 rounds of this superset with 60 second rest breaks. The cumulative fatigue will begin to kick in by the third round!

Mark Dugdale is an IFBB pro bodybuilder and Mr. Olympia competitor. Mark has 22 years of experience on stage and a passion for brutal workouts. He has also produced five documentaries, participated in seminars with prison inmates, and was granted one of the last recorded interviews with Joe Weider. Follow Mark Dugdale on Twitter