Tip: Get Strong Glutes with Mechanical Drop Sets

If this doesn't give you a great athletic butt, nothing will. Check out the workout.

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Mechanical drop sets allow you to switch to an easier exercise or an easier variation of the same exercise to extend the set further – a great way to add muscle to stubborn body parts. The key is to use exercises that sequence well together and require little-to-no setup changes so you can transition from one exercise to the next with minimal disruption to the flow of the set.

There are many different ways to use mechanical drop sets. One of them is to start with a unilateral (single-leg) exercise and then immediately do the same exercise bilaterally (using both legs). Here's a great one for glutes.

Mechanical Drop Set for Glutes

Since you're stronger on the bilateral exercise, a good rule of thumb is to do twice as many reps on the bilateral exercise as you do on the single-leg exercise. For example, do five single-leg hip thrusts on each side followed immediately by 10 bilateral hip thrusts.