Tip: Full-Body Metabolic Conditioning

This metcon workout hammers your entire body... in a fun way. Check it out.

Want to ramp up your conditioning? Try this.

Rope-Row & Sled Push

  1. Tie a long rope to a sled or Prowler.
  2. With your knees slightly bent (athletic position), begin pulling the sled towards you one hand at a time. The goal is speed, but it's also full extension with each one-arm row and using the entire body (hips and trunk).
  3. Row until the sled is in front of you, then perform a traditional sled push (feet outside the rope). Push the sled back to the start and then rest or do additional sets.

Hammer Everything

This exercise hammers everything – upper body, lower body, push, pull, grip, core – and it allows you to increase the intensity with weight or speed without getting too sloppy on form.

As with most strongman exercises, it works best in a relay scenario, with people going back-to-back. But if duration is more important to you than intensity, you can also sprint back to the loose end of the rope after the push, and do consecutive sets.

The only downside to this exercise is that the rope can get bunched up as you're rowing the sled towards you. So even if you're performing it alone, you may want to ask a bro to jockey your rope for you.