Tip: Free Up Your Back Training

Certain attachments allow for more natural movement patterns for better gains and fewer pains.


Freely rotating handles are game-changers. They increase the range of motion on some exercises and allow your arms to move more naturally. This reduces joint pain for those with aching elbows.

Cable attachments made with rubber grips and fabric work well here. Several companies also sell freely-rotating handle attachments. (Angles90 grips are a good choice.)

Rotating Ring Pull-Up

  • Start at the bottom with arms fully extended.
  • Rotate the handles as you drive your elbows down.
  • Stay tight and squeeze your back and biceps before unraveling yourself.

Bent-Over Barbell Row with Free Handles

  • Attach free handles to a barbell, shoulder-width apart.
  • Hip hinge back as you keep a neutral spine.
  • Drive your elbows back and up.
  • Shorter people may have to stand on a small platform to get full range of motion.

Lat Pulldown With Free Handles

  • Attach free handles to a pulldown bar at the shoulder-width level.
  • Allow the arms to travel forward as you drive your elbows down.
  • To target the lats more, don't arch.

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