Tip: Forget the Foam Roller. Do Quad Smashes

Feeling beat up after leg day? Try this to work out the tightness and free up your mobility.

Leg Day

It's challenging, invigorating, and rewarding... until the next morning when you wake up feeling like the Devil stuck pitchforks into your legs. Your mobility is limited, your quads feel tight, and the soreness is epic.

To mitigate these issues, add some soft tissue work. You know you've been neglecting it.

What To Do

Foam rollers aren't always going to do the trick. They can be too soft and inconsistent. Cover more surface area with sufficient pressure by doing these barbell quad smashes.

Do these after each squat session. One or two minutes per leg is more than enough to relieve tightness, reduce inflammation, and fight excessive soreness. It can also reduce some nagging knee pain that has never been addressed.

To do them, sit down and place the barbell on your rectus femoris. Roll the barbell back and forth slowly while applying some pressure.

First timers will experience pain, so be careful with how much pressure you apply. Regardless, your legs will feel like a million bucks afterwards.