Tip: Fix Your Technique with Paused Deadlifts

Clean up your form. Get stronger in your weakest range of motion. Smash your PR. Here's how.

Do Paused Deadlifts

There's no sugar coating here: these can be absolutely brutal, but they accomplish a few important things:

  • They help synchronize the shoulders and hips (namely the latter) from coming up too fast.
  • They help improve upper back (lat) tension.
  • They get people stronger in ranges of motion where they're weakest.

For programming purposes, aim for sets of 3-5 reps using 50-65% of 1-rep max, pausing 2-3 inches off the floor (or at mid-shin level depending on the individual and where the bar tends to stall) for a 2-3 second count each rep.

If you want to up the ante even further, perform a full pause in the same spot on the way up AND the way down.