Tip: Fix Your Stiff Neck in 5 Minutes

Improve your posture, get rid of that headache, and relieve your shoulder and upper back pain. Try these simple stretches.

Do You Have Duck Neck?

You know the story. Too much sitting around and staring at phone and computer screens can lead to poor posture (duck neck), headaches, and pain in your shoulders and upper back.

Working on your posture will help, but right now you just need some quick relief. Luckily, all you need is a few quick stretches and about five minutes.

Remember, finding the root cause of your neck pain is the first step, but finding a good mobility and stretching routine is also important. It'll help alleviate the pain and help prevent the pain from returning.

Add this to your regular mobility routine, or whip it out whenever you feel pain coming on. It's simple, easy to remember, no fancy equipment needed, and feels darn good. What could be better?

Tessa Gurley is the owner of Enliven Wellness, and a nerd about all things health and fitness. Tessa is currently working on her Master's in integrative medicine, and strives to empower her clients and readers so they can live their most vital lives. Follow Tessa Gurley on Facebook