Tip: Fire Up Your Legs and Lungs

This exercise is half muscle-builder and half metcon. Here's how to do it.

Forward to Reverse Lunge Combo

This one's for iron addicts who love searing pain. With the same leg you go from forward lunge to reverse lunge. This exercise can put a fire in your legs and lungs.

As you alternate between one leg finishing up the forward lunge and pushing back into the reverse lunge, there's a period of perceived instability at the hip and core as you glide through the neutral leg and hip position without ever touching down between reps. This transition causes what's scientifically known as an "oh shit moment" in the brain. The fear of falling over will cause you to tense and recruit the stabilizing musculature through the shoulders, hips, and core.

Reps and Weight

Train with higher reps, somewhere between 8-12. Count one rep as both a forward and reverse lunge. The CNS will go into overdrive, escalating the heart rate, increasing your blood pressure, and making you sweat. This response makes it a great finisher on any lower body day.

Since the CNS is being hammered here, there's no need to load this movement with near maximal weights. Start with bodyweight and slowly work up your loads while keeping an emphasis on movement quality. Go smoothly, move slowly, and hold little pink dumbbells in each hand. It'll build character, brah.