Tip: Find Your Stance For Sumo Deadlifts

Most lifters go super wide, but that only works if it fits your anatomy. Here's how to find YOUR best stance.

Lead Photo Credit: Elitefts

Unlike the conventional style, the sumo deadlift requires:

  • A wider stance, which will be determined by your access to hip external rotation and abduction.
  • Feet (and subsequently the knees) pointing more outward.
  • Hands inside the knees.
  • That's pretty much it.

Most lifters won't be able to go super wide with their stance due to bony anatomy limitations, which is why I'm a big fan of a modified sumo stance.

One thing to be aware of is that the knees should not "fall" inside the feet. I like to tell people to make sure their knees are pointing in the same direction as the middle of their feet.

Another cue that works well is to "melt to the bar." Meaning, with your shins right up against the bar, you must then "melt" or push the knees out in order to grab it.