Tip: Find Your Power Position on the Deadlift

Here's a little trick to help you find the perfect stance for a bigger, safer pull.

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Find Your Power Position

A common mistake many conventional or trap bar deadlifters make is setting up with their feet too wide. This has a couple of deleterious effects. If the feet are too wide, then the knees have nowhere to go but in. This isn't a good position to deadlift from. If the knees are in valgus, then "active foot" can't be attained.

Knees Caving In

Bad Position: Knees Caving In

Setting up too wide also has a cascade effect on hand positioning (too wide) and back positioning (too rounded).

Feet Too Wide

Bad Position: Feet Too Wide

To fix this, imagine jumping as high as you can. Where would your feet start from? That's the power position.

Ideal Power Position

Power Position: Feet More Narrow