Tip: Double Band Hip Thrust

Get more butt stuff done with this variation of the hip thrust.

There are many hip thrust variations, but I prefer the double band hip thrust:

  • Band resistance increases towards the end range of motion or the top of the movement. That's where the glutes activate the highest – at deep hip extension.
  • Placing a short band around the knees increases maximum voluntary isometric contraction of the gluteus medius by encouraging external hip rotation (driving the knees out).

How to Do It

  1. Begin seated on the floor with your back against a bench. The bottom of the shoulder blades should rest just above the bench. Most people will have to sit on a box or weight stack to reach this position on a traditional bench.
  2. Place a long band across your hips, anchored either to a rack or pair of dumbbells. Place a short band around your knees. Extend your arms across the bench for increased stability.
  3. Bend your knees at 90 degrees and set your feet about shoulder-width apart. Inhale deeply, exhale all the air out, and contract your abs. Execute by tucking your chin, driving through the heels, and squeezing the glutes hard at the top while simultaneously driving the knees out.
  4. Return the hips to just above the floor, right before losing tension, and repeat.

Do 2-3 sets of 10-30 reps.

Dan Chavez is a highly sought after strength and nutrition coach, based out of Texas. He is the founder of DC Training Systems and DC Nutrition Systems, collectively known as The DC System. Follow Dan Chavez on Facebook