Tip: Do This First When Training Calves

How you start your calf workout can make a big difference in the results you'll get. Always do this first.

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Get a Nasty Calf Pump

Do high-rep sets first in your calf workout to maximize metabolic stress. Rep ranges from 20-50 do the trick.

The problem with high rep ranges is that after 10-15 reps, the execution starts to get sloppy and the movement loses the ability to create muscular tension and recruitment. Sloppy reps means more stress on the tendons and joints, and less direct training stimulus on the calves. Not good.

The best way to avoid falling into "half-assed rep mode" is to concentrate on the tempo and rhythm of every rep, focusing on the feeling of tension throughout the gastroc-soleus group, as opposed to just moving the weight up and down.

  • Take 1-2 seconds to lower the weight.
  • Take a half-second stretch in the bottom position.
  • Control the weight on the way up.
  • Use a 1-second peak contraction at the top of the movement before starting the next rep.

Standing Machine Calf Raise

That sequence keeps you working on every rep. It's extremely hard to cheat rhythm and tempo.

Do at least 3 sets with a load that allows you do every rep perfectly. Do this first, then move on to your usual calf workout.