Tip: Do This Before Leg Day

Here's how to wake up and prepare your body for your toughest lower-body workout.

The goal of your warm-up should be to prepare you for your workout by priming the central nervous system and primary movers, as well as increasing core temperature. It's also possible to include mobility and correctives in your warm-up, and do it all in 15 minutes or less.

In this lower body warm-up, we'll include dynamic flexibility as well as activation and mobilization, tying all of these components together.

This warm-up includes active movement, activation, and mobilization. The mobilization takes place after we've had the chance to increase core temperature with dynamic movement. The purpose of the mobilization is to prepare the primary muscle groups that will be directly involved with your training for the day.

Give this a try before your next lower body-focused workout and you'll find you're more alert and prepared to get into the meat and potatoes of your training session.