Activate your core and build strength that'll transfer to any big lift. How? Do the side plank march.

Not only does it build lateral core stability like a regular side plank, the marching action builds your bracing technique while moving at your hips – kind of useful for lifting.

Added benefits include hitting your adductors in a really nice way that's often neglected. If you lack adductor strength, you're just asking for a groin injury.

If you struggle to do this drill (especially on one side and not the other) then it could be pointing to a serious lack of core or adductor strength. Lifters who are experiencing pain or regular injuries on one side of their body find a big difference between their left and right sides during the side plank march. Simply working on that can improve your training.

The Side Plank March

  • Lie on your side with your body completely straight.
  • Place your elbow below your shoulder on the floor and stagger your feet.
  • Imagine trying to squeeze a big ball between your arm and your hips.
  • Lift your hips up so your body is in a straight line off the floor. Maintain good tension in your mid-section. Don't go floppy!
  • Slowly march your feet one at a time, getting your knee as high as you can without breaking your posture.
  • Repeat for 10 reps, then change sides.

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