Tip: Do This After Heavy Lifting

Keep your back healthy by adding this feel-good move to your workout.

Decompress Often

After finishing a workout where the low back is hit hard (rows, deadlifts, etc.) or a workout where the spine is compressed (squats, leg presses), hang from a pull-up bar. This takes pressure off the spine and stretches the surrounding muscles at the same time. Feels good too.

Bar Hang

Balance Your Workout

Be mindful of how much compression you put your spine through each workout. The cumulative amount can come back to haunt you, even if your back is healthy.

Exercises that create upward forces on the spine instead of downward forces should be included in your workout. Here are some good examples of movements that can still provide an appreciable load for hypertrophy or strength gains:

  • Parallel Bar Dip
  • Pull-Up or Chin-Up
  • Lat Pulldown