Tip: Do the Zombie Press

Build your upper body and improve your overall athleticism with this crazy-looking exercise. Here's how.

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This drill for your lats and core is a marriage between an ab wheel rollout and a press to handstand. One cool aspect of the zombie press is that you don't need any equipment other than a pair of socks or some furniture sliders and a smooth floor. There are a ton of benefits that include strengthening the lats, triceps, shoulders, core, and serratus, while at the same time improving your intermuscular coordination and enhancing your overall ability to move your body. Here's how to do it:

  1. Start out with your body flat on the floor with arms stretched forward.
  2. Press into the floor with your palms to lift your body up off the floor (like a superman push-up) and start pulling your arms straight down toward your waist.
  3. Once you reach a position with your hips over your hands and your toes nearly touching your hands, press up into a handstand and then reverse positions slowly through the previous steps.

Too Tough? How to Make It Easier

  1. Initiate the first part from the knees as you slide forward, instead of from the feet.
  2. Bend the elbows as much as needed to get to a good position.
  3. Move into either a headstand or a frogstand instead of pressing all the way up.

Once you do a couple reps, you're really going to feel your abs and lats.

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