Tip: Do the Step-Through Lunge

Walking lunges, backward lunges, static lunges... you've tried them all. But we bet you've never tried this. Check it out.

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This exercise combines the benefits of both forward and reverse lunges. It's a single-leg exercise that actually works both legs.

The Step-Through Lunge

  1. Start by doing a reverse lunge as you normally would (stepping back.)
  2. Rather than returning to the usual starting position, propel yourself forward right into a forward lunge without letting your foot hit the ground.
  3. From there, push back forcefully into a reverse lunge and repeat for the desired amount of reps.

This exercise is more about developing rhythm, stability, balance, and coordination than it is about brute strength, so don't worry too much about the weight. Most athletes use less than half of what they'd use for either forward lunges or reverse lunges.

Additionally, the step-through lunge could be used un-weighted with the hands behind the head as part of a dynamic warm-up or in a metabolic circuit.