Tip: Do the Pure Cable Flye for Pecs

Try this supplemental chest exercise to bring up a weak point or use it to train around an injury. Check it out.

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This little-known exercise variation is often used by top powerlifters to help build and stabilize the pecs and shoulders. Since I've torn or injured my pecs several times, I've been looking for a movement that would completely isolate the pec region without having to rely on a one dimensional pec-deck machine.

  1. To do this movement you'll need to get some type of leather or nylon ankle cuff. Attach a cuff to each wrist and get on an incline bench. (The incline offers you a better range of motion.)
  2. Keep your chest up high in the air like you have a string on your sternum pulling you toward the ceiling. Now do your flyes.

Since you're not holding a dumbbell or cable handle, you can't lead with your hands or use your forearms to aid in the movement. You feel the pecs working right from the start and continue throughout the entire range.

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