Tip: Do the Landmine Press for Delts & Traps

Three new ways to hit your shoulders, traps, and serratus. Take a look.

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The landmine is a versatile tool because not only can you target the delts, you can also do so in a way that includes more upward rotation of the shoulder blades – much needed by most lifters and athletes. (Don't have a specialized landmine device? Just shove a barbell into a corner against a towel.)

1-Arm Landmine Press

Start in a half-kneeling position to better control pelvic and ribcage position. As you press up, try to "reach" at the top.

As you progress, you can attempt a tall-kneeling landmine press with reach and then a standing landmine press with reach.

Tall-Kneeling Landmine Press

Standing Landmine Press

The "reach" is crucial. Not only are you getting some great upper trap activity, but more importantly, a ton of serratus activity.