Tip: Do the Key Press for Pecs

Stimulate your chest in a whole new way with this powerful exercise. Check it out.

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Grab a pair of dumbbells and a decline bench. Start with an externally rotated (supinated) grip at the bottom of the lift. That means your palms are facing your face in coach-speak. As you're lifting the dumbbells up, turn them so they finish in a neutral grip position – your palms are now facing each other.

Key Press

Make sure to keep the pressing force perpendicular relative to the ground and not to your body (you're on a decline bench, after all).

The Benefits of the Key Press

  1. The decline limits the involvement of the front delts. That's a good thing if your front delts tend to take over when you're trying to hit your pecs.
  2. The position also allows for less lockout distance, meaning more sternal pec involvement.
  3. The bottom position of the lift externally rotates the humerus, which brings the pecs to optimal length for max contraction.
  4. The use of dumbbells allow for some "play" with the elbow position through the lift, which can act as a shoulder-saver.